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What is oral health? Well, it is more than just brushing your teeth frequently. Oral health is more than just having a fresh breath. Rather, oral health entails all these aspects; it is about having a clean, disease free mouth. It is about having clean, nice looking teeth. It is about having healthy gums. And it also about having a great smile; oral health is never complete until the smile is confident and pleasant. There is every reason as to why you should practice good oral hygiene. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to wait for a dentist or orthodontist to come and guide you on how to go about it; you just need to have a routine, and make it a part of your lifestyle.

  1. Good oral health helps boost our confidence; oral health means that one is taking good care of their teeth, and looking out for common problems like tooth decay that lead to tooth loss. By eating the right foods, and practicing healthy oral habits like frequent brushing, flossing, etc, your teeth will last longer. People with gaps due to teeth loss or with chipped teeth or stained teeth tend to shy away from smiling confidently. Thankfully, there are orthodontic treatment by london orthodontist could be the better options to help such remedy such conditions.
  2. Good oral health boosts self esteem; have you ever listened to someone talk to you from close range, but rather than hear what they said, you noticed how bad their breath is? A fresh breath is a recipe or requirement in the world of human communication. When you are sure that you brushed your teeth well, and have been chewing a fresh mint gum, you never have to worry about your breath embarrassing you.
  3. Good oral health keeps off diseases; like aforementioned, not all oral health is about the curative aspect. There’s also the preventive aspect of it; intentionally avoiding harmful foods that may damage your tooth’s crown for instance. Avoiding picking your teeth with sharp objects like toothpick after a meal; this can damage your gums or cause infections. Instead, flossing is equally effective and more recommended.
  4. Oral health is part and parcel of our lives; one can take a shower, put on nice clothes, use the best cologne, have a nice hairstyle; but if they haven’t brushed their teeth, then all else is in vain! Oral hygiene is part and parcel of the larger general human hygiene. We should practice good oral habits only when we have a tooth ache or we detect some tooth sensitivity creeping in; we should make it a lifestyle, we should purpose to observe good dental hygiene on a daily basis.
  5. For the sake of those around us; no one likes being around an untidy or dirty person. Think of getting to a bus or train, and the person sitting next to you stinks of sweat, alcohol, and tobacco all combined. Chances are that you’d have to open the window and seek some fresh air, or change seats. The same applies to our dental health. No one wants to be close, or to listen to someone with a foul breath. People are likely to conveniently avoid you, or even worse, back bite you behind your back. Thus, you have a duty whether at the work place, school, or wherever, to maintain general hygiene and be able to fit in with the expected norms.

Having good oral health is a sure way to boost your confidence, self esteem, keep off diseases, and even enable you to live harmoniously with those around you.

Post Author: Amin Juwanoz