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When you have your braces fixed, you are hoping that after a particular time period, you may be able to visit your dentist for the last time to have them removed.

This is something everyone looks forward to and sometimes, it might seem as if improvement might be taking much longer than expected. There are a couple of factors one should consider when getting braces to ensure they follow these guidelines to ensure they don’t keep the braces for longer than expected.

Here are reasons why braces might show little improvement;

  • Keep your dentists appointment regularly – Braces work by ensuring your teeth are properly aligned so that after a year or so, you can take them off and your smile will be straight and your teeth aligned. This is a commitment you are making and it is important to keep to your dentist appointments to the letter. This is because as time progresses, a few adjustments will need to be made to the tracks to align the teeth and if you keep the appointments as required, then it’s easier for the dentist to keep track and make the required alignments for a smooth transition. Missing appointments or rescheduling will hinder progress and improvement will take longer than expected so keep to your dentist’s appointment and follow his or her advice.
  • Good dental hygiene – Good dental hygiene is extremely important especially when you have braces. You need to take time to carefully brush your teeth to get rid of any particles to properly clean your teeth. Improper cleaning or hurried cleaning can damage the teeth. Also too many sugary or acidic food or drinks can damage the teeth. It is important to eat a proper diet, take water instead of sugary drinks and brush your teeth well to ensure you keep your teeth healthy.
  • Follow the right procedures – When it comes to using aligners, they provide a bit more flexibility. You wear them for a couple of hours every day and you can have them off during meals or when brushing your teeth. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you must have them on at least 22 hours a day, otherwise they might not be effective and this might be why improvement might seem slow.


It is important that you follow your dentist’s instructions to the letter. This is important to maintain the best care of your teeth and your braces. Follow all guidelines, eat right and share feedback with the dentist for the best care possible.

Post Author: Amin Juwanoz