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Discovery The Natural Monastery Products Of “Monastery Of Camaldoli” Monks are known to live a pure and healthy life. They usually have a healthy diet and love spending time alone when meditating. Actually at one time I dreamt of becoming a monk when I read Robin Sharma’s book: the monk who sold his Ferrari. Well, today you are going to know more about the products made in monasteries by monks. I think they are very pure, unique and revitalizing to the person who consumes them.
  • Monastery of Camaldoli was founded in 1012 by a monk known as Saint Romuald; he did so after acquiring permission from the Bishop of Arezzo of Tuscany, Italy. In the monastery there is a great hall where visitors are welcomed. They also have an ancient style pharmacy. This is the pharmacy where the monks studied and worked with medicinal herbs.
  • These medicines were used in hospitals which still exist today. Monks helped the people of Tuscany to cure their illnesses. It is said that the monastery had an overwhelming number of pilgrimages all year round from different regions in Italy and from the countries beyond. The monastery became popular because of their great service to humanity. They became famous because they focused on finding solutions to the problems of their countrymen.
  • You must be wondering what types of products were prepared and sold by these great monks in the monastery of Camaldoli. Good news is that these same products are supplied by HOLYART, an Ecommerce company specializing in sale of monastery products, religious products and special occasion’s products etcetera.
discover Natural Monastery Products
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There are natural monastery products that made Monastery of Camaldoli famous in the early centuries. These products are what made the Monastery have pilgrimages all year round. Monastery products include; Products from the hive; Honey products are of different types. HOLYART offers acacia honey which is from Camaldoli, Basswood honey and Chestnut honey also come from Camaldoli. Eucalyptus honey that is specially prepared to treat various conditions is also from Camaldoli. The honey products are also made with different flavors, from peach flavor, raspberry, and strawberry to blackberry flavor. We also sell flowers honey products made from flowers of medicinal plants. Not forgetting we also sell honeydew honey from Camaldoli. Cosmetics; HOLYART also sells cosmetics from the monastery of Camaldoli. Moisturizing creams and lotions for the body, hands, legs and feet; child care products include shower gels, soaps, shampoos and other products for your children’s skin. HOLYART also sells products for face and lips care. You can also buy men products such as natural shampoos, aftershaves, all made in Camaldoli. Natural remedies; HOLYART sells natural medicines that cure most illnesses. These remedies are made in the monastery of Camaldoli. They include; Camaldoli Eucalyptus syrup, Camaldoli Propolis alcoholic solution, Camaldoli Aromatic syrup for children and the reinvigorating drink honey. Try them when you are not feeling well and you will be back to normal in a very short time. Liqueurs, Grappa and Digestiffs; These great products sold by HOLYART are sourced from the monastery of Camaldoli. The monks use natural methods that have been passed down through generations to make these great liqueurs and Digestiffs that have a refreshing taste. Jams and Marmalades; Who loves jam like I do? Since I discovered the sweetness of this product, I have never missed a day without consuming it. Sometimes I dream of a time when I would manufacture this beautiful product. But there is no Marmalade as sweet and refreshing as the one produced by the monks at the Monastery of Camaldoli. They have a magical taste that gives you a nice feeling whenever you are taking your snack. They are very nutritious and are made from organically grown fruits. HOLYART sells these magical products. Red and white wines; Who does not love the taste of great wine? These wines have been made from naturally ripened grape fruits from the fields of the monastery of Camaldoli. They have been carefully prepared by experienced monks who have practiced the art of wine making for many centuries. These wines are very unique and with great taste. You must taste them if you have been looking for quality wine. HOLYART sells these wines at fair prices and can deliver it to your door step any day anywhere. Just jump into our website and make the order. discover Natural Monastery Products Sweets and Candies; Camaldoli monasteries also make sweets and candies. Well, I personally thought that monks were pure vegetarians who minded whatever they consumed. I was surprised when I heard that the monks of the monastery of Camaldoli made sweets and candies. Were they sugary? Were they tasteless? I pondered. When I tasted the sweets, I had a magical feeling. I had never tasted sweets as tasty as the ones from the monastery of Camaldoli. I don’t want you to miss this great feeling! Order these candies from HOLYART. We will deliver them to you in the shortest time possible. Chocolates; HOLYART also sells various chocolate products from the Monastery of Camaldoli. They include; dark chocolate, dark chocolate cream, extra dark chocolate  with no added sugar, extra dark chocolate  with nuts, Gianduja chocolate spread and also milk chocolate. There are many other chocolate products made by the Monastery of Camaldoli. If you are a lover of chocolate, visit our websites and make an order for these tasty candies. Extra virgin olive oils and condiments; The monastery of Camaldoli manufactures extra virgin olive oils. They include black chickpea, Camaldoli White truffle infused extra virgin oil. Condiments are also manufactured by this great monastery: Condimento Blasmico which is aged 5 years. They also produce hot pepper, green olive bruschetta and Italian dried porcini mushrooms. Monastery of Camaldoli has contributed greatly to the health of not only the people of Tuscany in Italy, but also the whole of Europe as a whole.

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