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In simplest terms, LCD means Liquid crystal display while LED stands for light emitting diodes. Both technologies are similar in that a TV made of either will have two polarized glass layers through which light is passed via the crystals. LCD often relies on fluorescent light and LCD uses light emitting diodes; these diodes are placed behind the screen or on its edges.  In that regard, you’ll find that in most cases LED TVs are thinner when compared to LCDs. Additionally, LED TVs have been noted to have greater energy efficiently, plus they provide clearer, crisper images than LCD. The reason LED TVs produce better images has to do with the presence of a color wheel that generates more realistic images, sharper colors.
  • In terms of gaming quality and playback time, both brands perform almost similarly. LCDs used to be the more popular for gamers but recent LED models are quickly bridging that gap. lcd vd led tv
  • When they were first introduced, LEDs could only deliver red light. Nowadays however, they can produce RGB (red, green, blue) lights; some models even have white lights. The LED backlighting can be categorized into 2; full array lighting and edge lighting. Edge lighting means that several diodes are arranged on the outside edges of the TV; when power is turned on, they distribute light to the screen. Full array lighting means that rows of diodes are arranged systematically at the back of the screen; these offer the user more control over dimming and brightness because individual diodes can be turned on or off independently.
  • Basically, LCD and LED TVs are one and the same, it’s just that LEDs are viewed are an improvement of LCD due to their more advanced backlight system. Nowadays it’s even hard to tell which one is more preferable because both are making huge progress in offering the user a great viewing experience.
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Post Author: Amin Juwanoz