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Are magicians unique in their style and tricks Five Tricky Styles Common in Magicians

People from all genres enjoy a slight intelligent trick to behold them off their senses in a fun way. These tricks are not intentional scams; they rely on optical illusion, mental manipulation, and a dash of swift movements to keep the audience hooked and longing for more.

Well, a true magician never discloses his tricks; they are kept secretive for their whole lives. Many magic societies flourished way back in the eighteenth century, giving rise to this culture. Let us break you the top five famous magic tricks performed by magicians worldwide.

Five Tricky Styles Common in Magicians

1. Grabbing a Never-Ending Scarf from a Hat

When we hear the word, this is probably the first trick that pops into our heads. This trick is ancient and still followed in many parts of the world. Other variants of this trick include pulling out a rabbit or a mouse. This 200-year-old magic trick relies on keeping an attached tiny bunny or cloth trail underneath the table your hat rests on. With a simple click or a bait, you’d have a turned cap full of surprises!

2. The Levitating Human

The Levitating Human

You might have caught this one yourself also. The person floating on air takes help from the assistive rod that he holds continuously. How? There’s a platform attached to it which is the main seat for them, perfectly concealed with flowy outfits to bring that spiritual magic here. A flip of cloth and you can easily see their sitting arrangement; well, not everyone can defy physics!

3. Cutting off a lady in half

Ah, an old favourite. There’s no way a person would not be left horrified after watching this trick. Surprisingly, it is one of the easiest tricks to hop on. For this, all you need are two people. Yes, not one person. Placing strategically with either half exposed from the sides, making it look like it belongs to one person, is the whole trick here.

4. Bending a spoon with the power of eyes

Spoon Bending Trick

Every time a magician uses a spoon and bends the handle completely, you know how it is done. With the help of characteristic elements from our periodic table, like Gallium, they exploit this metal’s low boiling point and melting points. When warmed with fingers, a slight coating of molten Gallium on the handle gets the job done!

5. Swallowing a Sword

Swallowing a Sword

Last is the sword swallowing trick that ceases to amaze people every time. We highly suggest you not perform this; it asks for more practice than skill. Yes, it is real, but the magicians don’t just simply cut themselves with the sword. Thanks to the latter’s massive length, they smartly slide into the entire strand, which quickly goes through our food pipe!


But hey, deciphering magic tricks is complex, yet a delicate close look can solve it all. If you have been fooled many times by their rapid actions, try out the following tricks on someone you know and see them get surprised by your supernatural skills!

Post Author: Amin Juwanoz