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Welcome to the world of a digital nomad, where every space can be quickly turned into an office space. Where the internet and a handheld device are the tools of the trade; forget the days of good old suit and ties to work.

For a digital nomad, the sky can be very the roof and the ground on which they sit, the desk upon which they work. Even major companies and employers are nowadays encouraging their employees to work from home or remotely. This freedom and flexibility mean that as long as one has an internet connection, then they can be productive from wherever. Images of single moms working on their laptops as their babies suckle are no longer strange; they are becoming a norm!

Yet, with this freedom and flexibility, the issue of personal hygiene may very easily get neglected or compromised. Unlike an office setting where one has to shower up in the morning, dress smartly before leaving, a digital nomad cares very little about such. Whether dressed in a t-shirt, jeans, shorts, or nude under the blankets, the issue of hygiene and appearance isn’t really a priority.

On the same breath, one may find themselves going for a day or two without brushing; after all, one can be indoors all day alone, and no need to brush since you aren’t going anywhere, right? That’s wrong! As a digital nomad, your oral hygiene is as important as the internet connection you so much rely on. What’s important is that you embrace a lifestyle that ensures that you practice good oral hygiene whether working in an office or remotely.

  • You can start by having several toothbrushes when you’re on the move. This is better than relying on a single brush during the entire duration that you’re on the move. Besides, having several toothbrushes ensures that you give each time to dry up completely and get aerated along with the bristles.
  • Always have a bottle of water by your side when working or when on the move. The depiction of a coffee mug as the ideal accompaniment for anyone working remotely is ill-conceived. Coffee tends to stain your teeth and as a nomad who may have little time in between to brush, you’d be better advised to consume less of it. Again, coffee is not so good for a digital nomad who is using braces as it leads to the loss of the brilliance found in clear and ceramic braces. By consuming water, you’re able to remain awake and alert for longer, as well as keep your mouth clean and fresh.
  • During the occasional breaks when you are not working or are awaiting an email, a response; why not have some flosses to help clean your teeth and leave them better aerated? Flossing is fun, super effective, and it doesn’t take much of your time.  Better still, you don’t have to wait till you have water or a toothbrush; you just insert your flosses and gently make back and forth movements to pick out any food residues.

Sugarless gum; sugarless gum should also be within your reach every time you’re working remotely.

Besides making you remain awake and alert, sugarless gum helps enhance the secretion of more saliva in your mouth. More fresh saliva means that bacteria and other pathogens won’t form in your mouth; these are usually the main cause for bad breath.

You can opt for the flavoured gum, say mint, menthol, or whatever flavour you fancy. Chewing gum when working helps boost brain power and aids in problem-solving tasks. It also helps in enhancing your general wellbeing.

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Post Author: Amin Juwanoz